HODL is one strategy that most of us follow. But do you know what’s better than HODLing? Rebalancing.

Using the balancing technique, you can grow your holding currencies as it automatically helps to buy low and sell high. I have been testing this strategy using two tools:

  • Shrimpy: Free for now
  • 3Commas: Paid tool but offers $10 joining bonus to try out

After using both the tools, I can say both are highly effective and work as promised. There is a lot of fundamental difference between these two tools that I will cover in the next article.

For now, I wanted to share everything I have learned about Shrimpy which is a free tool (for now) and something you should start using to learn the art of portfolio rebalancing.

The sooner you learn about it, the faster you will be able to make more money with crypto holding.

Sounds good?

Alright, let’s move ahead and see what Shrimpy could do for you.